History of the S. Bernhard GmbH

It was Sophie Bernhard, on the 15th of March, 1953 the company page. Bernhard KG Founded. Under her direction were produced in the court of Goethestrasse 18 in Hagen-Hohenlimburg, on the smallest space, numerous fittings for the textile industry: Thread leader, contact knife, border fillets, wooden fillets for curtain span border and to all at the head of needle fillets and hook fillets. Moreover, the defective needle fillets which were pushed to the repair, by hand could be delivered to Sophie Bernhard.

Already two years after foundation the operation consisted of eight employees. In 1958 the company was laid in Jahnstreet. There, in the former synagogue, was enough space to grow further. Exactly this also happened. In the middle of the 60s the range of products was clearly extended. From 1965 sawed and punched Bernhard - employee, for example, for the car industry to pipe which were inserted in drum brakes. In 1967 the manufacturing of wooden thread pins began. In 1969 the production of pressure rods started. Thus the actual domicile became with the time too small once more. The company page. Bernhard moved in the street on the Lölfert 44. In the meantime, 30 employees belonged to the enterprise.

After the death of Sophie Bernhard in the beginning of the 90's the limited partner Eberhard Wolke took over the company. The production of an English great customer who took pressure rods and sleeves was important in 1995.

S. Bernhard further expanded, so that a recent extension became more and more urgent. Thus a part of the manufacturing was laid on the 1st of April, 1998 in the new established work II in Hemer / Becke. To the customer circle for punch products acceptors from the range of Automotives came next international. With it online the certification of the enterprise was soon aimed. On the 24th of November, 1999 it was so far. See Bernhard received the certifications EN ISO in 9000, QS

In 2001 led the extent of the business relations and the extension of the management to the change of the enterprise in a GmbH and to the takeover by the Wachsmuth-Group. Other growth and results confirmed, the right way smashed to have. Thus came 2002 another bulk buyers, this spot from India, for pressure rods and pressure sleeves. In the same year it was begun to offer also laser inscriptions. For many years S. Bernhard wickholder produces for the candle industry and with a monthly volume of 30 million pieces. Since March, 2003 our enterprise is certificated after ISO / TS 16 949.