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Data Protection

The Wachsmuth-Group takes seriously the data protection very much and respects your private sphere. They can use almost the whole Internet offer of the Wachsmuth-Group without revealing your personal entries.
For the optimisation of our Internet site merely technical data are raised in your visit, as for example your used Internet browser, your retention period on our Internet sites, the called pages of our appearance, the name of the domain from which you have come on our web site and the IP address of your provider. These data are not to be associated personally and are evaluated anonymously.
Besides personal data are raised only if we ask this expressly for you, e.g., for the sending of information, the treatment of inquiries or the online application. These data are used only for the purpose shown in each case according to the legal regulations.
If requested you can require information about with us about your person to saved data and these allow to also delete if necessary.
The data saved about you are protected by suitable technical and organizational precaution before the access by third and maneuvers. These safety measures are checked according to the technological advance constantly and are improved.

The juridical tips and the tips to the data protection are valid exclusively for the web site of the Wachsmuth-Group.